Employee Value Proposition

Developing your company’s internal brand provides the opportunity to re-engage staff by building a conversation around your vision and values and create a unique and consistent positioning for all employee communications.


A powerful Employee Value Proposition (EVP) can act as an engaging, all-encompassing promise – attracting and retaining the right kind of people.

We work alongside the HR and internal communications/brand teams to tailor our approach, considering your business objectives and company culture through a series of internal EVP workshops and interviews.

The Brand Pool facilitates key stakeholder workshops to gather information to help us tell the story of your EVP, drawing on insights, competitor analysis, culture, brand identity and any external motivating factors.

This process sets out to create an EVP that is engaging, authentic and enduring.

NSW Public Service Commission - Employee Value Proposition and Brand Identity


Once we have a compelling EVP, the magic begins – the creative development of an internal brand and employee campaign is a tangible expression of the EVP and company values which will help bring this employee value proposition to life in a meaningful way.

NSW TrainLink - Customer Value Proposition and Branding


We work with a vast range of clients – from medium to large organisations to government agencies and national companies.

The Brand Pool can deliver:

We help brands outpace their competitors by transforming customer experience. We deliver strategic thinking, creative ideas and superior execution.


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