Georges River Branding

Sydney's Connected Community: The Unifying Brand of Georges River

Georges River Council

Following a recent merger of Hurstville and Kogarah Councils, the Georges River area emerged as a new Local Government Area (LGA). With historical associations with the St George area, the challenge was to establish a distinct identity that sets it apart from other LGAs and the broader Greater Sydney region.

Through focus group research, we discovered compelling aspects of the Georges River area that position it as Sydney's Connected Community.

Georges river brand architecture
Georges river street banners
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Its prime location, only 9 minutes from the CBD and boasting 11 railway stations and vibrant centers in Hurstville and Kogarah, make it an ideal place to live, visit, invest, and grow.

Beyond its physical connections, Georges River is also a rich tapestry of diverse precincts, communities, and history. With a deep connection to the Dharag and Dharawal People and a migrant past, the area celebrates cultural diversity and heritage. Its natural beauty, adorned with wildflowers, diverse wildlife, and serene waterways, showcases an interconnected harmony between nature and the urban environment.

The brand identity we created is warm and inviting, reflecting the area’s strong connection to nature and culture. The colour palette and patterns echo a rich tapestry of culture, bringing a sense of unity and belonging to the identity system.

Georges river street signage
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Georges river brochure design
Georges river brand patterns

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