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Making your EVP work for you:

Our strategic approach, rooted in thorough EVP research and development, enables you to attract, retain, and engage the right talent while fostering a thriving internal culture.

Reveal the True Value of Your Organisation.

Your EVP is more than just a set of words; it’s an authentic reflection of your organisation’s culture and a powerful employer branding tool.

We believe that a well-defined EVP should not only resonate internally but also serve as a magnet for the talent you need.

Our meticulous approach ensures that your EVP plays a vital role both inside and outside your organisation.

We help organisations define, develop, and deploy compelling and authentic Employee Value Propositions (EVP) and Employer Brands.

Our EVP creation process is structured and tailored to your unique needs:

1. Defining Your EVP:

Our journey starts with a comprehensive discovery phase, researching your organisation, its vision, objectives, and the competitive landscape.

We delve into your employee culture, pinpointing the core drivers and values that hold significance for your workforce. 

The insights we uncover are the key to defining your EVP strategy and positioning.

Our discovery workshops with ASIC’s teams uncovered a highly collegiate environment, where employees are driven by a powerful desire to make a meaningful impact through innovative work. This revelation presented an opportunity to define ASIC’s employment brand with a human focus, emphasising the importance of meaningful work and a sense of belonging, trust, and purpose.

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2. Bringing Your EVP to Life:

With a well-defined EVP in place, our creative process takes flight, ensuring that your EVP is both compelling and authentically aligned with your organisation.

Our creative process seamlessly integrates your organisation’s brand while seizing the opportunity to infuse the human side of the organisation, ensuring a harmonious balance.

I work for NSW posters and organisational branding
iPads showing I Work For NSW content

We created an EVP brand for the NSW Government to galvanise employees, instil a sense of pride, and create advocates among the 400,000-strong workforce.

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3. Elevating Your Employer Brand:

We acknowledge the dual role of EVPs, both internally and externally. Internally, they serve as a cultural touchstone, motivating employees and aiding talent retention.

Externally, your EVP becomes a potent driver for attracting high-quality candidates who align with your brand, combining skill sets and cultural fit.

ASIC employee value proposition brand

We created a suite of internal cultural assets for ASIC as well as a range of recruitment tools and templates to help drive talent acquisition and position ASIC as agents of change.

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4. Comprehensive Employer Branding Toolkits:

We excel at not only ensuring that your EVP is embraced by your HR departments and internal teams but also effectively communicating it to the world.

Our employer brand marketing and content guidelines and toolkits provide a roadmap for successful implementation, often executed by internal teams, empowering you to shape your EVP story consistently.

Coal LSL brand guidelines pages

We create brand guidelines and toolkits such as this one for Coal LSL that help internal teams and stakeholders apply their EVP brand successfully.

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