I work for NSW EVP

Employee Value Proposition for the NSW Public Sector

NSW Public Service Commission

As Australia’s largest employer, the NSW public sector faces the challenge of attracting and retaining top talent. The sector’s image is often associated with being slow-paced, bureaucratic, and lacking creativity and innovation, leading to difficulties in attracting skilled individuals. In response to this, our strategy focused on developing an Employee Value Proposition (EVP) that would restore the sector’s reputation as an employer of choice.

Through extensive workshops and interviews, we crafted an overarching EVP brand, "I work for NSW," which serves as a unifying narrative about life within the sector. Our goal is to galvanise employees, instil a sense of pride, and create advocates among the 400,000-strong workforce.

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The EVP highlights real-life stories that showcase the sector’s key values, aiming to engage employees and communicate the meaningful impact of their work.

By presenting the NSW public sector as a vibrant and rewarding place to work, we seek to attract the best and brightest talent, dispelling misconceptions and emphasising the importance of their contributions to the community. The “I work for NSW” campaign serves as a powerful platform for promoting the sector’s unique strengths, fostering a sense of belonging, and positioning the public sector as a sought-after employer in the market.

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