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Transforming Perceptions: Unleashing the Power of Purpose and People in Coal LSL

Coal LSL

We were tasked with creating an employee value proposition (EVP) for a Commonwealth Government entity, aiming to attract and retain top talent for this organisation driven by purpose. Our focus was to shift the narrative away from the industry they serve and towards the Long Service Leave (LSL) scheme they manage.

Our challenge was twofold: clearly communicate the organisation's purpose and transform the brand perception from being solely associated with the mining industry to fostering a more humanistic, inclusive, and supportive workplace culture.​

employee benefits for coal lsl

During our research, we discovered that the organisation had a deeply supportive and humanistic workplace culture, centred around their purpose of giving back time. To align with this, our strategy emphasised their value-driven narrative, their desire to make a tangible difference, and the power of their people-first culture.

As part of the brand identity, we created an EVP tagline: “It’s your time to shine.” This tagline seamlessly connected to the organisation’s purpose, emphasising the act of giving back time. To further strengthen this narrative, we designed a graphic device resembling a clock-face. Additionally, we crafted a warm and welcoming colour palette, and chose a serif typeface with human-writing characteristics that set the tone for the employment brand.

In addition to the EVP, we delivered several other assets, including print materials, LinkedIn banners, updates to the careers page, branding for the Seek page, and comprehensive brand guidelines.

Coal LSL photography for EVP, retain purpose-driven talent
coal LSL EVP handbook - EVP components
Coal LSL EVP website branding
Coal LSL brand guidelines pages

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