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Campaigns, brands and experiential services for emergency and disaster-focused agencies.

Our expertise in disaster and resilience:

We collaborate with a variety of disaster preparedness, emergency, and resilience agencies at both the state and Commonwealth levels.

Our offering encompasses a wide spectrum of services, including public education campaigns, behaviour change campaigns, strategic planning, brand design, digital services, and experiential design.

We have a profound understanding of the disaster landscape and the numerous agencies working to build and enhance community resilience through education, fire prevention, and risk management.

Our disaster and resilience offering:

Public education:

We have extensive experience in effectively conveying preparedness and disaster prevention messages to a broad audience, with the ultimate goal of enhancing community resilience.

We emphasise the significance of promoting appropriate behaviours at critical times. We can simplify complex communications into relatable and easy-to-grasp messaging and instructions.  

Australian Fire Danger Rating sign next to a road

We were commissioned by the Australasian Fire Authorities Council (AFAC) to transform the fire danger rating system across Australia, aiming for consistency, clarity and ease of public understanding.

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Brand and Strategy:

We assist organisations and agencies in strategically positioning their branding and communications to cultivate public trust and achieve a meaningful impact.

Our expertise lies in crafting impactful brand strategies that establish a strong foundation, leading to shifts in perceptions and attitudes.

Easy-to implement solutions:

Maintaining consistency across all touchpoints is a clear way to build public trust and ensure effective communications and message recognition.

For this reason, we provide solutions that are designed to be easily implemented by internal teams and supply templates and guidelines to guarantee uniformity.

Brand guidelines for NSW RFS

We helped NSW RFS develop Get Ready Weekend Online and provided a comprehensive implementation guide for brigades and volunteers, including a social media calendar with content and instructions.

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Education and youth :

We have experience in the delivery of early education and youth programs.

Our focus is on imparting knowledge through age-appropriate and engaging methods, guided by an insightful understanding of younger audience demographics.

“We’re aware that children are learning, creating, and innovating at an unprecedented pace. With their proficiency in coding and programming robots, they hold immense ideas. We aim to empower them to create a substantial impact and, possibly in the future, support the NSW RFS in saving lives.”

Lynn Poole, Head of The Brand Pool.

We created an immersive education experience with The Firestormers, a team of young heroes using innovative technology to battle bushfires.

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Innovative technologies:

We leverage cutting-edge technologies, including Virtual Reality (VR), to captivate and educate audiences through fresh and innovative approaches across experiential and digital platforms.

“This immersive experience allows individuals to understand the reality of a bush fire without endangering themselves. A follow-up email prompts users to complete their bush fire survival plan, capturing data for further communication.”

Benny Heath, Creative Director.

We developed an interactive VR experience to help the community better understand the impact of bush fires and the importance of having a survival plan.

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Experiential design:

We can help you to craft captivating public displays and experiences with a primary focus on engaging the public.

We have the capability and production network to deliver display and exhibition materials and interactive technology to bring this to life.

Experiential design for NSW RFS
triple zero presentation areas

We have delivered a range of experiential assets for NSW RFS including set design and merchandise, backdrops and character standees, flags, plinths, and merchandise bags.

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Digital and user experience:

We are adept at developing digital experiences designed to inform, engage, and foster interaction.

Our comprehensive process covers everything from user mapping to user journeys, wireframing, content creation, design, and seamless implementation.

We created a digital platform to inform the public about their local Bush Fire Risk Management Plan and show its progress from draft through to public display.

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