'A Very Real Experience' to highlight the importance of bush fire survival plans.

NSW Rural Fire Service

The NSW Rural Fire Service acknowledges the importance of engaging the community in bush fire preparedness and resilience efforts. To achieve effective community engagement during events, they focus on providing impactful activities that raise awareness, foster active participation, and drive behaviour change.

Interactive experiences, including virtual reality, are utilised to help the community better understand the impact of bush fires and the importance of having a survival plan.

The lack of past experience or appreciation of bush fire potential creates an opportunity for meaningful education at events.

a very real experience virtual reality

We developed a virtual reality experience of a bush fire event in partnership with T&DA. This immersive experience allows individuals to understand the reality of a bush fire without endangering themselves. To continue the conversation after the event, a follow-up email prompts users to revisit the experience online and complete their bush fire survival plan, capturing data for further communication.

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