A Very Real Experience for the NSW Rural Fire Service

NSW is one of the most bush fire prone places on earth. Bushfire seriously threatens our homes and lives every year. 3 million people in NSW are exposed to bush fire risk.

The NSW Rural Fire Service attends thousands of events to promote bush fire preparedness and to enhance resilience within the community. The key to effectively engage the community at these events is to provide quality, impactful activities resulting in higher engagement, increased awareness and action leading to behaviour change following the events, in this case to complete a bush fire survival plan.


NSW Rural Fire Service


Creative concept, VR experience design, 360 video and VR production, naming and branding, design of marketing material, website, app and email marketing.


VR experience branding


We seized the opportunity to build real excitement and learning at the Rural Fire Service events through interactive experiences that will help the community to better understand the impact of bush fire. People continue to underestimate the severity and potential impact of bush fire because of a lack of past experience, lack of appreciation of fire potential or past experience with less intense or smaller fires. So, there’s an opportunity to meaningfully engage through education at these events, by providing an experience of what it’s really like to be in a bush fire. We also wanted an opportunity to continue the conversation after the event, by capturing data and using it for follow up communication.

VR Experience


People in NSW are exposed to bush fire risk


Volunteers, largest in the world


homes near bush fire prone land in NSW


Brigades in NSW


Working with our partners T&DA, we developed a virtual reality experience of a bush fire event which provides a truly meaningful and memorable experience, without the danger. After being warped into a fully immersive virtual bush fire event, a follow up email prompts the user to re-live the experience online and to complete their bush fire survival plan.

VR experience on iPad
VR experience
VR Experience