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Leading the way in Behaviour Change:

We create change campaigns that make a real difference. Our tailored approach promotes meaningful initiatives and resonates deeply with the target audience. Our mission is to create a better world through our work.

We use evidence-based change models to create successful campaigns and transform brands.

Our work:

Our Behaviour Change Capabilities:

Transforming Insights into Action

At The Brand Pool, our dedication to driving positive change is underpinned by a deep understanding of behaviour change principles, innovative strategies, and a commitment to impactful outcomes.

Here’s a look at our core capabilities in behaviour change:

  • In-depth analysis of target audiences, understanding their behaviours, motivations, and barriers.
  • Utilisation of both qualitative and quantitative research methods to gather actionable insights.
  • Development of comprehensive behaviour change strategies based on evidence and research findings.
  • Application of proven behaviour change models (such as COM-B, TTM, and Nudge Theory) tailored to specific campaign goals.
  • Custom development of proprietary tools and frameworks to address unique challenges.
  • Crafting multi-channel campaign strategies that resonate with target audiences and drive the desired action.
  • Creation of compelling content across a variety of formats (videos, infographics, interactive tools) to engage and educate.
  • Implementation of social marketing tactics to maximise reach and impact.
  • Development of clear, persuasive messaging frameworks that align with campaign objectives and audience insights.
  • Refinement of campaign narratives to ensure they are relevant, relatable, and motivating.
  • Design and production of campaign materials that maintain consistency in messaging across all channels.
  • Leveraging digital platforms and social media to amplify campaign reach and engagement.
  • Designing interactive experiences and gamification elements to foster deeper audience engagement and facilitate behaviour change.

Behaviour Change Expertise:

Our Managing Director, Lynn Poole, is an innovative strategist with behaviour change expertise. She has spoken at the World Social Marketing Conference and developed a propitiatory tool for change campaigns.

Lynn’s collaboration with Professor Linda Brennan at RMIT highlights her dedication to evidence-based practices, as seen in Professor Brennan’s publication featuring Lynn’s work for Cancer Institute NSW, Sydney Water, and NSW Health.

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Our Commitment to Making a Difference

The Brand Pool is uniquely positioned to transform insights into meaningful action. Our comprehensive suite of behaviour change capabilities enables us to tackle complex challenges and deliver campaigns that not only reach the intended audience but also achieve lasting positive change.


Discover how our insight-based approach can drive meaningful change in your community and beyond. Engage with us to see how our expertise in behaviour change can help achieve your objectives.

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