Fire Danger Rating System

A new national system

Australasian Fire and Emergency Service Authorities Council

The Brand Pool was commissioned by the Australasian Fire Authorities Council (AFAC) to transform the fire danger rating system across Australia, aiming for consistency and clear messaging. 

The challenge was to develop a simplified system that effectively conveys risk and encourages action. Insights revealed that the current signage was convoluted and challenging for the public to understand. 

The strategy focused on creating a system that maximised understanding of risk levels and associated required actions during emergencies. While updating the typography, colours, and layout, the recognisable ‘watermelon’ sign remained a key aspect.

watermelon sign for afdrs
online use of the fire danger rating sign
social media marketing for afdrs

The execution involved several changes, including a new ‘no rating’ section and reducing the risk states from six to four, simplifying the sign and reducing the community’s required actions. Colours were adjusted for contrast and legibility, and digital or manual timestamps were added for roadside signage. Additionally, solutions for online use and a comprehensive style guide were provided. The new system was implemented in September 2022, ensuring consistent and easily comprehensible fire danger ratings nationwide.

afdrs analogue watermelon sign
colour codes for afdrs
typography for afdrs
digital fire danger rating sign

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