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Our offering to Government Agencies.

Government marketing:

We specialise in crafting brands and developing impactful campaigns for local, state, and commonwealth government agencies that resonate with Australians and drive positive transformations. We understand government agencies’ unique challenges and responsibilities in engaging the public and promoting important initiatives.

With our expertise in behaviour change, branding, strategy, and campaigns, we empower government entities to make a lasting impact on society.

Our approach to working with government agencies revolves around creating meaningful connections with all Australians.

Our government marketing capabilities:

We offer comprehensive government-specific services at the local, state, and federal levels.

From campaign strategies to behaviour change initiatives, we craft successful multi-channel executions, ensuring impactful results.

Our offerings address the specific needs of government clients, prioritising stakeholder engagement, transparency, and accountability in every campaign.


We offer strategic services specifically designed to meet the unique needs of government agencies. Our comprehensive approach includes in-depth research and analysis, campaign strategy development, and messaging precision tailored to directly address target audiences.

Our expertise in stakeholder engagement and collaborative planning with government agencies sets us apart. We understand the intricacies of your challenges and are dedicated to crafting strategies that resonate authentically and drive impactful results.

Comprehensive campaign strategy development.

Research and analysis of target audience and stakeholders.

Development of messaging frameworks. 

Stakeholder engagement strategy development.

Collaborative planning with government agencies.

We helped Hunter Water develop a strategy to evoke an enduring emotional attachment to water and influence social change, promoting a new community ethic for water preservation.

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Our branding services extend to campaign branding, including the design of print, outdoor and digital collateral.

We ensure the application of government branding guidelines to campaign materials, maintaining a consistent visual identity across multi-channel campaign assets. Our design approach also prioritises accessibility for inclusive communication.

Creation and refinement of campaign branding and visual identity.

Development of campaign-specific logos, slogans, and taglines.

Design of campaign collateral and materials (brochures, posters, etc.).

Application of government branding guidelines to campaign materials.

Consistent visual branding across multi-channel campaign assets.

Accessibility considerations in design for inclusive communication.

I work for NSW posters and organisational branding

We created an Employee Value Proposition and Employer Brand for NSW Public Service Commission. The branding created a powerful platform for promoting the sector’s unique strengths and it helped position the public sector as a sought-after employer in the market.

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Behaviour change:

Our research capabilities help us uncover insights that guide the development of compelling behaviour change strategies. We create campaign content like videos, infographics or interactive tools to educate, shift perceptions, and drive behaviour change. Comprehensive reporting on campaign metrics and impacts is also a key service we provide.

Behavior change campaign planning and implementation.

Research and insights on target behaviours and barriers.

Development of evidence-based behaviour change strategies.

Campaign content creation (videos, infographics, interactive tools, etc.).

Social marketing tactics tailored to government campaigns.

Stakeholder engagement in behaviour change initiatives.

Monitoring and evaluation of behaviour change outcomes.

Reporting on behaviour change metrics and impact assessment.

We worked with NSW EPA to change behaviours for better wood-burning practices. Our guiding insight centred around using the sense of smell to trigger behaviour change as it’s closely linked to our emotions and memory and can evoke powerful responses and influence actions and behaviours. 

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We develop creative concepts that drive government objectives and take a multi-channel approach to creating and delivering campaigns that drive meaningful change.

The insights we uncover in the discovery phase are essential for understanding how to make a campaign effective based on the goals of the brief and the audience it is targeting. We excel in copywriting and content development tailored for government messaging.

Creative concept development aligned with government objectives.

Integrated multi-channel campaign planning and execution.

Content creation for various platforms (websites, social media, etc.).

Copywriting and content development tailored for government messaging.

Comprehensive campaign management and implementation.

Stakeholder engagement strategies and activities.

Our campaign ‘Keep it Clean’ for NSW DPI used clear messaging and digestible social video content aimed at shifting behaviours and prompting the adoption of fishing practices that reduce marine debris and litter.

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Stakeholder Engagement and Transparent Reporting:

At The Brand Pool, our methodology encompasses active stakeholder engagement through consultation, workshops, surveys, and thorough feedback analysis.

We uphold transparency in reporting, ensuring alignment with government requirements. Additionally, we maintain a vigilant monitoring process for campaign effectiveness, aiming for continuous improvement.

Identification and analysis of key stakeholders.

Development of stakeholder engagement plans.

Stakeholder mapping and segmentation.

Consultation processes and facilitation.

Workshops and focus groups.

Stakeholder surveys and feedback analysis.

Reporting on stakeholder engagement activities and outcomes.

Development of comprehensive reporting frameworks.

Measurement and tracking of campaign metrics and KPIs.

Data analysis and insights generation.

Compliance with government reporting requirements.

Transparent reporting of campaign expenditure and results.

Ongoing monitoring and evaluation of campaign effectiveness.

Recommendations for future campaign improvements.

We specialise in crafting strategies, brands and behaviour change campaigns for Local Government Authorities.

Discover how our insight-based approach can drive meaningful change in your community.

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