Education campaign for NSW Environment Protection Authority

In recent years slow combustion heating has experienced a renaissance in Australia, so we needed to find a way to tell the community that wood smoke isn’t good smoke.

Very few people in the community know that wood smoke is harmful to their health; they think it’s natural so it must be okay, right? It’s actually a major cause of air pollution during the winter months.


NSW Environment Protection Authority (EPA) – NSW Government


Research, branding + design, campaign concept, video animation, social media, radio, press, print, infographics.


Wood Smoke Strategy Image


We worked with award-winning production team Jumbla Animation Studios to create a distinctive and quirky illustrative style campaign needed to start the process of educating people about the alternatives to wood-fired heaters and how to burn better, along with providing a ‘trigger’ to help the behaviour change ‘If you can smell it, you’re already breathing it’.


Fine particle pollution comes from wood heaters in winter


Highest concentration of fine particle pollution occurs after midnight


Water content of green or unseasoned wood


Heat energy that can be lost up the chimney


An effectively targeted approach to rolling out this campaign has been implemented, with the full suite of campaign materials specifically designed to be co-branded and used by those Councils in the state that has high wood heater users.

Wood Smoke Brochure Image