Water conservation branding

Hunter Water needed a campaign highlighting the importance of water conservation as households in the Hunter use on average 191 litres per day, which is 10 percent more than we could be. The Hunter has enjoyed good dam capacity from many years, so water conservation may not be top of mind.


Hunter Water


Research, stakeholder workshops, strategy, name, branding + design for online and offline channels.



Because we want people to become more aware of their ‘relationship’ with water, we needed to remind our audience to respect water and treat it well. Using perhaps the most powerful of emotions that humans aspire to experience ‘love’, our brand idea has the power to create authentic emotional engagement and a genuine feeling of ‘wanting’ to preserve and nurture our water, rather than a response to water shortages.Just as real love endures through good and rough times, the use of this emotional construct within the brand has the real potential of being able to develop an emotional attachment to our precious resource over a long time, to influence social change, rather than just short-term education and therefore creating a new community ethic.


Brand Reach


Hunter water consumption per person, per day


More water used in Hunter households than the national average


Residential water consumption used in the bathroom



An enduring brand and campaign has been developed, centered around a series of illustrations showing easy ways to love water, whatever the weather!

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