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Hunter Water wanted to launch a campaign to increase public awareness about water conservation. The households in the Hunter region were consuming an average of 191 litres per day, 10% higher than the national average. The campaign aimed to remind people to value and conserve water, reducing overuse.

Insight: Just as love is universally treasured and valued, water should be held in the same regard due to its vital role in sustaining life.

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By evoking emotions and connecting the value of water to the universal concept of love, we inspired individuals to cherish and protect water as a precious resource. It shifted the focus from a reactive mindset to one that is proactive and committed to conserving water for generations to come, promoting a new perspective in the community.

Since the campaign launch in 2018, there has been a 10% reduction in water use, meeting the project's objectives.

Love Water posters

The concept aimed to evoke enduring emotional attachment and influence social change, promoting a new community ethic. The campaign centred around a series of illustrations showing simple ways to love water, irrespective of the weather conditions. This enduring brand and campaign were designed to create a lasting impact and foster a community-wide commitment to water conservation.

Love Water flyers
Love Water online usage tracker
Love Water water tank

The campaign brand featured a heart-shaped water drop graphic and illustrations demonstrating easy ways to value water in a positive and calming style. The brand’s flexibility allowed Hunter Water to run a long-lasting campaign that expanded to various marketing assets, including TVCs and experiential activations.

Love Water kids show

The Love Water brand extended to education programs including the ‘Let’s Love Water’ show – a 45 min fast paced, colourful and interactive show for kindergarten to year 2 students.

The brand also established the Love Water Day, empowering the Lower Hunter region to preserve water since 2018.

Love Water Day information

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