For The Love of Water

Hunter Water

Hunter Water sought a campaign to raise awareness about the importance of water conservation, as households in the Hunter region were consuming an average of 191 litres per day, exceeding what is necessary by 10 percent. 

Despite good dam capacity in the area, the goal was to remind people to respect and care for water. The campaign employed the powerful emotion of ‘love’ to create authentic emotional engagement and foster a genuine desire to preserve and nurture water, shifting the focus from responding to water shortages to developing a long-lasting relationship with this precious resource.

Guiding Insight: Just as love is universally treasured and valued, water should be held in the same regard due to its vital role in sustaining life and ecosystems. By evoking emotions and connecting the value of water to the universal concept of love, we can inspire individuals to cherish and protect water as a precious resource.

hunter water love water illustration
love water illustration

The concept aimed to evoke enduring emotional attachment and influence social change, promoting a new community ethic. The campaign centred around a series of illustrations showing simple ways to love water, irrespective of the weather conditions. This enduring brand and campaign were designed to create a lasting impact and foster a community-wide commitment to water conservation.

hunter water love water flyer
logo animation for love water hunter water

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