Wood Smoke Campaign EPA

Clean air campaign for NSW EPA

NSW Environment Protection Authority (EPA)

We developed an education campaign for the NSW Environment Protection Authority to address the lack of awareness about the harmful effects of wood smoke on health and air quality. Despite the resurgence of slow combustion heating, many people remained unaware of the negative impact of wood smoke.

To tackle this issue, a distinctive and engaging campaign was developed using a quirky illustrative style to capture the attention of the community and initiate the process of educating them about the alternatives to wood-fired heaters and better burning practices.

Guiding Insight: We used the sense of smell to trigger behaviour change as it’s closely linked to our emotions and memory and can evoke powerful responses and influence actions and behaviours.

Wood Smoke Strategy Image
Wood Smoke Results Image

The campaign’s key message, “If you can smell it, you’re already breathing it,” served as a trigger for behaviour change and highlighted the need to take action to reduce wood smoke pollution. 

The campaign materials were specifically designed to be co-branded with local Councils and targeted towards areas with high wood heater usage. Through this targeted approach, the campaign aimed to raise awareness, change perceptions, and promote responsible burning practices. Overall, the education campaign played a crucial role in addressing the misconceptions surrounding wood smoke and promoting a healthier environment for the community.

Production Partners: Jumbla Animation Studio.

Wood Smoke Brochure Image

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