PSC Reflect. Reflect. Reset.

Positive and productive workplace for NSW

NSW Public Service Commission

The NSW Public Service Commission approached us to develop a campaign promoting a positive, productive, and respectful workplace in the NSW public sector. The campaign focuses on providing mindfulness tips to reset the culture and foster a more respectful environment.

Negative and disrespectful behaviour is recognised as a serious organisational risk with detrimental personal and organisational outcomes. Our strategy aims to reframe individuals’ thinking about their positive contributions to the workplace and encourages them to take ownership of fostering a positive environment.

Guiding Insight: We needed to reframe individuals’ thinking about their contribution to a positive workplace and take responsibility for their actions to cultivate a culture of respect.

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psc animation and illustration process

The campaign’s key message, Respect. Reflect. Reset. is designed for easy recall. To visually support the campaign, we collaborated with renowned illustrator Magoz, who created playful and thought-provoking illustrations for nine themes. The unique style of the illustrations ensures visibility in busy workplace environments. Implementation of the campaign involves working with key stakeholders across the sector, facilitating the use of campaign materials, and conducting workshops to reinforce the message and principles of the campaign.

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