Positive and productive workplace campaign

We were asked to help the NSW Public Service Commission build a campaign for a positive, productive and respectful workplace in the NSW public sector. Our campaign provides mindfulness tips to help reset the culture and encourage a more respectful environment in the workplace. Negative and disrespectful behaviour in the workplace should be regarded and managed as a serious organisational risk. These behaviours demonstrably lead to poor personal and organisational outcomes. We were asked to develop a campaign to help people reframe the way they think about their positive contribution to the workplace.


NSW Public Service Commission – NSW Government


Research, workshops, strategy, campaign concept, branding, design, social media, print.


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Through research, workshops and collaboration with the public sector, we developed a strong strategy to help form a new habit and to encourage workers to take ownership of the role they play in a positive workplace. The simple repetition of Respect. Reflect. Reset. makes the instruction easy to recall.

We commissioned world-renowned illustrator Magoz to produce the playful, curious and thought-provoking illustrations to support nine themes visually and their unique style creates ‘cut-through’ in busy workplace environments.


Public sector workers


Respond to the people matter survey


Public sector workers have experienced bullying in the workplace


Public sector workers have witnessed bullying in the workplace



To implement, the NSW PSC will work with key stakeholders across the sector to implement this campaign, facilitating the use of the materials and holding a series of key workshops.

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