FESL Fire and Emergency Levy Campaign RFS

Collaboration for community engagement

NSW Treasury

Tasked with promoting a significant tax reform in NSW, we crafted an authentic narrative from the perspective of our heroic emergency services. The campaign aimed to raise awareness about the current insurance-based levy and address the issue of underinsurance in NSW. 

Our strategy involved telling a compelling story through multi-channel media, showcasing real workers saving lives and emphasising the need for a fairer funding approach.

The central message, ‘It isn’t new, it’s just fairer,’ featured prominently in all campaign elements, including direct mail to every household in NSW.

fire emergency services levy campaign photography
fire emergency services levy campaign photography behaviour change

The goal was to inform the community that funding for fire & emergency services should not solely rely on those with property insurance but should be a collective responsibility for all property owners.

The campaign’s results were highly promising, with mid-campaign research indicating a significant increase in support rating from 65% to 80%. Moreover, awareness about the reform surged from 24% to 49% within just three weeks of the campaign launch. The impactful storytelling and powerful messaging effectively engaged the community, driving widespread understanding and acceptance of the fire and emergency services levy reform.

fire emergency services levy posters
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