Spotlighting Newcastle's improved customer experience, and empowering residents to use the city’s services on their terms.

The City of Newcastle

We helped the City of Newcastle launch a campaign to highlight its improved customer experience and empower residents to use its services online, at their convenience.

The challenge was to increase residents' awareness of available online services, addressing the common sentiments: "I didn't know our council offered that" and "I didn't know you could do that online."

City of Newcastle Customer Experience social tiles

‘Your city, your way’ became the campaign platform to promote Newcastle as a city for it’s residents, offering freedom to access services according to individual preferences and needs.

The compelling call to action, “Do it online, anytime,” was featured on all of the campaign materials and directed customers to act online at their convenience.

Quirky illustrated visuals showcased residents effortlessly engaging with online services, reinforcing the convenience of accessing services based on individual lifestyles and needs. These added a sense of fun and engagement to the communications.

The campaign employed a simple, looping animation style in various digital formats, including social media posts and digital banners. Static illustrations were used in press ads, and a DL flyer to accompany rates notices.

We collaborated with talented illustrator Squid Morgan who helped turn our vision for the depicted scenarios into illustrated reality.

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