Raising awareness about safe boating behaviours

Australian Maritime Safety Authority’s (AMSA) National Safe Boating Week (NSBW) is an annual event aimed at increasing safe boating practices and promoting responsible boating ownership. For the first time in 2020, the event was coordinated under one umbrella brand and incorporated a series of safe boating messages.


Australian Maritime Safety Authority (AMSA)


Brand, creative, communications, audience and channel strategy, campaign material for online and offline, ‘How to’ for social media.


National Safe Boating Week - Wear Your Life Jacket to Work Day


Targeting all boat and personal watercraft owners, skippers, water enthusiasts and passengers of recreational boats and domestic commercial vessels owners, operators and crews in coastal areas of all Australian states and territories and New Zealand, the aim was to create a brand and campaign for National Safe Boating Week to ultimately increase the wear rate of lifejackets.

One of the main barriers to wearing a lifejacket is discomfort, however the new slim fit inflatable design is shown to have increased wear-ability and therefore this was key to our visual design for the campaign.

We wanted to prompt water users to have everything ready before they set off, so they can a safe experience. To do this the campaign focused on the knowledge needed to operate a vessel and what to do should something go wrong. Each day of the campaign focused on a specific safety theme covering an aspect of responsible boat ownership and themes in a logical sequence for a boater preparing to go out on the water.


The brand established a unique identifier and uses classic maritime colours and the symbol of the life-saving flotation device becoming the iconic brand mark. The creative direction is a minimal design with bold geometric shapes inspired by nautical flags and maritime safety signage.

We developed simple, key messages to use for each of content theme covering each aspect of responsible boat ownership, along with an overarching tag, campaign material for social and digital channels and a strong call to action, driving audiences to find out more and engaging recreational boat owners, skippers and passengers and commercial vessel owners, using posters, flyers, magazine ads, email, web banners, video and social media.

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