National Safe Boating Week, 26 September - 2 October 2020

Raising awareness about safe boating behaviours

Australian Maritime Safety Authority (AMSA)

National Safe Boating Week (NSBW) is an annual event focused on promoting responsible boating ownership and increasing safe boating practices. The primary objective was to boost the wear rate of lifejackets, with a focus on the new slim-fit inflatable design to enhance comfort and wear-ability.

The campaign targeted all boat and personal watercraft owners, skippers, water enthusiasts, passengers, and operators of recreational boats and domestic commercial vessels in coastal areas across Australia and New Zealand.

The aim was to prompt water users to ensure preparedness before setting off, emphasising knowledge required to operate a vessel and appropriate actions in emergencies. Each day of the campaign centred on a specific safety theme, guiding boaters through aspects of responsible boat ownership in a logical sequence.

National Safe Boating Week - Wear Your Life Jacket to Work Day
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The creative direction featured bold geometric shapes inspired by nautical flags and maritime safety signage and the symbol of the life-saving flotation device, represented in classic maritime colours. Simple, key messages were developed for each content theme, supported by engaging campaign materials for social and digital channels. Posters, flyers, magazine ads, email, web banners, videos, and social media platforms were utilised to engage the audience and drive them to seek further information on safe boating practices. The campaign’s comprehensive approach successfully established a unique brand identifier and effectively raised awareness about safe boating behaviours.

safe boating week posters
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