SafeWork NSW Manufacturing Safety Content Marketing Campaign

Guarding worker’s health and safety around manufacturing machinery

SafeWork NSW

SafeWork NSW asked us to develop a content marketing campaign to raise awareness about safety around forklifts and unguarded machines used in manufacturing. We needed to drive leaders and their workers to the newly developed educational resources for the highest impact harms in the sector.


We know engaging leaders on the topic of safety around manufacturing machinery is most important, so we had to encourage them to understand the key role they play in keeping workers safe and that means leading a positive safety culture.


When workers see their leaders demonstrating their commitment to taking health and safety seriously workers are more engaged, loyal and motivated because they know their health and safety is paramount.


Our strategy focusses on leadership – a uniting theme that is inclusive with key messages that speak directly to managers, supervisors and business owners, based around the things workers need from managers when it comes to workplace health and safety; leader’s commitment, consultation, implementation, direction and training.


We developed four content pillars; the value and benefits to the business of workplace safety, how to design safer manufacturing workplaces, how to educate and train workers to improve safety and consulting with workers to optimise health and safety.


Our channel strategy included owned and earned channels to drive engagement and focused on finding a voice during COVID-19. Online consumption surged up to 60% according to Nielsen’s US report so these channels were a must, including social and podcasts.

SafeWork NSW social media
SafeWork Campaign - Website


‘Be the leader your workers need’ is a strong call to arms for managers. We tied this to the existing campaign by encompassing the tagline ‘Safety starts with you’ to create consistency to extend the original platform.

The campaign look and feel is an extension of the existing platform incorporating the look and feel of the ‘Safety starts with you’ campaign as well as the overarching SafeWork NSW branding.

SafeWork Leader Talks - Podcast
SafeWork NSW Manufacturing Safety Content Marketing Campaign

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