A makeover for Maurie the Mole

Subsidence Advisory NSW has an essential role to educate the community, including children, on the dangers of mines subsidence holes that often occur in areas of shallow, abandoned coal mines.

Following an incident in the 1980s, SA NSW developed an advertising campaign to highlight the dangers of mine subsidence and inform the community what to do if they discovered a hole.

The campaign used a character ‘Maurie the Mole’ and it ran for an amazing 35 years. Recent research showed unprompted recall of Maurie’s charm, popularity and catchy jingle is still at an all-time high after all these years.


Subsidence Advisory NSW


Creative concept, design and writing, storyboarding, scripting and animation.


Sketch of Maurie the Mole


We had the enviable task of giving Maurie a modern makeover while remaining faithful to the original Mole. Our aim was to up the cuteness ante to ensure we engage audiences of all ages, yet still send a serious message of the dangers of subsidence holes. So, we set out to pay homage to the legend that is ‘Maurie the Mole’ but increase the charm factor to secure the next decade of mole lovers. We worked with award-winning production team Jumbla Animation Studios to bring the 'new' Maurie to life.


Emergency hotline


Emergency mine subsidence calls responded to 2016-17


'Maurie the Mole'


Adoring ‘Maurie the Mole’ fans


An adorable, energetic, all singing, all dancing mole now lives, who promotes the pit-falls of subsidence holes. So, don’t forget if you see a hole, don’t think you’re a mole, walk in the opposite direction and report your detection.

Image of TVC playing on a phone
Image of the Subsidence Advisory NSW website

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