Maurie the Mole

A makeover for Maurie the Mole

Subsidence Advisory NSW

Subsidence Advisory NSW plays a crucial role in educating the community, especially children, about the risks associated with mine subsidence holes found in abandoned coal mine areas.

In response to an incident in the 1980s, SA NSW developed the character ‘Maurie the Mole’ to raise awareness of mine subsidence dangers and inform the community on how to respond to encountering a hole. Remarkably, the campaign has been running successfully for 35 years. Research confirmed the enduring popularity of Maurie, with his catchy jingle remaining highly recalled by the public.

Our task was to modernise Maurie the Mole while preserving his iconic charm and faithfulness to the original character, while still delivering a serious message about the dangers of subsidence holes.

Sketch of Maurie the Mole
Image of TVC playing on a phone
Early sketches of Maurie the Mole

The result was an adorable, energetic, and all-singing, all-dancing mole. The updated character effectively communicates the hazards of subsidence holes, urging the audience to avoid them and report any detections.

Original Maurie the Mole
Maurie the Mole
Image of the Subsidence Advisory NSW website

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