Triple Zero RFS

Collaboration for community engagement

NSW Rural Fire Service

The NSW RFS and NSW Fire & Rescue joined forces for the Triple Zero Kids’ Challenge project to showcase its school program resources and launch the Triple Zero Kids’ Challenge during the Australian Community Engagement and Fire Awareness conference.

The collaboration combined the NSW RFS’s Project Firestorm and Triple Zero Classroom Challenge with NSW Fire & Rescue’s Brigade Kids to provide emergency response education for students from Kindergarten to Year 6. The resources developed included backdrop and character standees, flags, plinths, merchandise bags with colouring books, sticker sheets, and Triple Zero branded crayons.

triple zero presentation areas
NSW RFS triple zero goodie bag
triple zero colouring book

The project successfully created three individual presentation areas for the conference and provided valuable resources for in-school training across the state.

The collaboration's impact extended to community engagement events and classroom presentations, where the materials, character standees, and flags will be used to educate and empower young students with vital emergency response knowledge.

triple zero flag
triple zero pull-up banner design
triple zero colouring book and stickers for kids

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