Employee value proposition for Australia’s financial change agent

ASIC is positioned to expand its supervisory role and seek stronger penalties against those who breach the law in the financial services sector. Key to continuing the change agenda, ASIC needs to strengthen its employee brand to attract and retain the best and brightest talent.




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Intense competition for the right talent has led to an escalating war of employment brands and recruitment marketing campaigns. Our research told us ASIC’s purpose and work might be unclear to the market and their employment brand may be perceived as bureaucratic however our workshops with their teams uncovered quite the opposite. ASIC’s people are highly collegiate and have a powerful desire to make a difference through meaningful, innovative work. The opportunity to do important work not only provides intellectual stimulus, but also an underlying altruistic meaning for those seeking purpose beyond a salary.

Our strategy seeks to bring a human focus to ASIC’s employment brand and taps into global trends in human capital where the most important factor of all is the work itself; making work meaningful and giving people a sense of belonging, trust and relationship which signals a move beyond thinking about experience at work in terms of perks, rewards, or support and instead focuses on the job fit, job design and meaning.There’s a clear and powerful connection between ASIC’s vision and its purpose that resonates strongly with its people, translating to a values-driven organisation.

ASIC EVP branding


Our creative approach positions ASIC as a 21st Century employer to drive change, better aligns the target audience with the recruitment experience and tells real, human stories to tackle any misconceptions.

Be the change is a positive and aspirational call-to-arms to become a change agent in transforming Australia’s financial sector. The creative device, tone of voice and content is energised and forward-focused, demonstrating ASIC’s passionate, innovative, change-orientated culture and tells authentic human stories that demonstrates transformation at all levels and positions ASIC as an aspirational value-driven organisation.


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