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The Royal Flying Doctor Service Victoria

The Brand Pool was engaged by The Royal Flying Doctor Service Victoria (RFDSV) to enhance their Speakers Program, delivering both online and in-person presentations across the state. The challenge was to provide informative and engaging overviews of RFDSV services and their benefits to communities in Victoria. The guiding insight revealed the importance of storytelling in the Speakers Program, combining the stories of RFDS with the unique narrative of Victoria.

The strategy focused on equipping RFDSV speakers with the necessary tools to deliver compelling and inviting presentations to diverse audience groups. 

The concept involved a streamlined approach utilising videos, infographics, and other visual aids to create a captivating experience for the audience.

postcards for royal flying doctor service

The execution incorporated impactful infographics and videos that conveyed the RFDSV story and community services in an emotive and compassionate manner. Additionally, postcards were provided to the audience, outlining ways to support The Royal Flying Doctor Service, and speaker notes ensured consistency throughout the state.

royal flying doctor service presentation

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