Let's Lake Mac: Unleashing the Power of Community, Environment, and Opportunity

Lake Macquarie City Council

Lake Macquarie City Council wanted to revitalise their brand strategy in order to effectively convey their brand personality and improve communication with their target audience. Lake Macquarie faced the challenge of raising awareness of the area beyond the region and attracting people to consider relocating there.

We conducted research to develop key messaging that would resonate with various demographic groups and lifestyles.

The strategy involved harnessing the support of Lake Macquarie residents to promote the area, fostering community pride, and enticing others to move to the region.

Lake Mac council posters
lets lake Mac postcards

The concept, “Let’s Lake Mac,” served as an invitation to both locals and newcomers to discover, invest, work, collaborate, live, play, and explore the abundant opportunities Lake Macquarie has to offer.

To execute this strategy, an inspiring and positive call to action was developed to engage and excite the target audiences. Brand stories were crafted around three essential themes: community, environment, and the economy, which were consistently incorporated into all messaging and deliverables. Various elements such as signage, social media collateral, and banners were employed to showcase the campaign’s message.

social media marketing for Lake Mac council
social media posts for lake mac city council
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