Fish for Life

DPI NSW Fisheries ‘Fish for Life’ aims to promote recreational fishing as an exciting, inclusive, responsible and sustainable activity, but to grow participation we needed to shift perceptions of recreational fishing from a male dominated, ‘catch and kill in-club’ to be more inclusive and reach new audiences.

This campaign needed to champion the fishing lifestyle, the ethos of getting out there and giving it a go, being in the great outdoors and respecting nature’s playground.


DPI Fisheries


Research, strategy, campaign concept, channel strategy and multi-channel content for social media, YouTube, out-of-home, online, eDM, print, community and sponsorship events.



We knew the key to attracting new audiences was to appeal to women and families who are already participating in ‘cross over’ and ‘gateway’ activities such as hiking, biking and team sports. We also wanted Fish for Life to be a rallying call to anglers, promoting positive and sustainable activities and showcasing the initiatives funded by licensing.

Our strategic approach was to appeal to new to fishing audiences through the idea of 'Live for adventure' as they already loved the outdoors. For existing anglers we knew their passion for the sport was strong so 'Live for fishing' was the creative hook (excuse the pun).

Our hero content for anglers ‘Live for fishing’ is a call to arms to be proud of the sport, to be part of building a healthy fishing future and shows how no matter when or how you fish, you are part of the Fish for Life movement. Our hero content for new to fishing ‘Live for adventure’ inspires participation by capturing the fun, excitement and wonder of being in nature.


Adults with children participate in fishing

$16 million

Provided for recreational fishing projects from licence fees


Recreational fishing licences in 2020-21


Projects underway, 89 in 2020-21 worth $19m


We created a modern and energetic campaign creative built around two key stories. We brought the campaign to life using natural photography and video that captures the spirit of fishing and enhances the emotive response to the brand. Video ads captured the diversity and vibrancy of people who love to fish in a light and natural way.

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