The Brand Pool is a brand focussed creative agency. As the first specialist brand agency in Newcastle, we’re in the business of creating, maintaining and evolving brands for the digital age.


The concept of branding goes back thousands of years – think farmers marking their stock with branding irons. The brand not only identified the stock but also acted as an advertisement for the farmer and his farming practices. In time, these symbols became more commonly used and the concept of logo and brand design began.

The importance of branding became significant during the Industrial Revolution as goods were mass produced, so products would differ very little from their competitors. Enter marketing to inject news and excitement into what was essentially an unchanging product. Only ‘spin’ could make products feel different to consumers. That was then.

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Now the product itself is the most powerful brand-building and business tool you have.

Creating a brand identity starts with creating innovative products and then the marketing should be built into them; branding, marketing, advertising and logo design must be reconnected to the product itself. So, brilliant product designers and creative agencies must work together to create products that are consistent in form and story. The digital age demands every company engage with its consumers in new ways, empowering everyone with the ability to effect change, inspire and validate innovation.

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Great branding doesn’t happen by chance – it’s a combination of strategic thinking and creativity. Logic and magic.

We work with a vast range of clients – from medium to large organisations to government agencies and national companies.

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We help brands create products that are consistent in form and story. We deliver strategic thinking, creativity and superior execution.

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