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The Brand Pool

Newcastle's First Brand Agency

Brand is truth. It is what lies at the heart of an organisation and, when uncovered and told in the right way, the story can be powerful and compelling. Here at The Brand Pool, we help companies discover who they are, what they do and why it matters. We help clients answer these questions and help them discover their DNA to create an ownable position in the marketplace and reach the holy grail of marketing - a powerful, competitive advantage. Here’s to that!

Insights and Strategy

Insights &

At the heart of a successful brand is something authentic and compelling – but it is not always obvious. Our process is designed to uncover deep insights about your business and formulate a strategy that will inform your brand story.

Branding and design

Branding &

From striking brand design to visual identity, from packaging, stationery, signage to point of sale, from websites to online campaigns and everything in between. Our team speak the language of design and will create exceptional visual communication for your brand.

Advertising and channel planning

Advertising &
Channel Planning

Once your message is shaped and the visuals are done, it’s time to reach out. Our access to media and consumer trend research ensures your advertising reaches your customers where they are. We have experience across all major mainstream channels including TV, press and digital.

Digital Strategy and Development

Digital Strategy
& Development

The digital landscape is expanding every day. We can guide you through the digital world from website development and e-commerce to email marketing, search, display, video and the full gamut of social media.

Lynn Poole >
Managing Director

‘Everything I know about this industry I’ve learnt through experience – experience with clients and colleagues.
I’ve been fortunate enough to work with some of the best strategic and creative minds in the world and some of the best clients in the world - they have helped me to understand this craft.

Here’s one thing above all things that I’ve learnt. To do great work, you need a great idea based on sound insights, you need the talent around you to develop ideas and you need a great client, one that will trust and believe. Just like a partnership, there’s highs and lows, but ultimately, if you’re heading in the same direction you’ll get to where you want to go.’

Great branding doesn’t happen by chance.

It starts with the creation of innovative ideas and then the marketing should be built into them; the same story for all touch points.

It’s a combination of strategic thinking and creativity - logic and magic.

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This is a true story about us.

We are for ideas. We are for brands. We are for heart and ticker. We are for love. We are grown ups – no tears before bedtime.

We set out to be different. Best-in-class. Everyone contributes. We have a pool of skills – what we don’t have we find.

Average is our enemy. Average gives us watered down, not distinctive. We ask a lot of questions and listen until we have something worthwhile to say. We hang out with as many people as we can who want to talk brand.

We don’t use lots of words that nobody understands. (We leave that to the digital department).

We are authentic. And that is the point of us. We are for Newcastle. And we’re happy with that.

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