Market Research

At The Brand Pool we believe market research is often the key to successful marketing and is vital for business success.


We use market research, analytics, and creativity to gain an understanding of market opportunities, the competitive landscape, brand perception and customer needs.

We believe that good design (and great branding) is rooted in strategy, and a good strategy starts with thorough clear thinking and market analysis to understand the landscape in which your business operates. This helps us develop brand solutions that enhance customer experience and deliver real business results.

Depending on the research methodology required, market research can use a combination of both qualitative and quantitative methods.

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Qualitative Research
Using a variety of research methods (such as one-on-one interviews, focus groups and customer surveys) to understand your audiences, market segmentation and consumer behaviours, we analyse this qualitative data to help you get to the heart of your consumer needs and then develop your branding, communications, strategy or digital solutions to create high impact and real business results.

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NSW Public Service Commission – Flexible Working - Photography

NSW Public Service Commission – Flexible Working - Posters

NSW Public Service Commission – Flexible Working - Posters

Quantitative Research
In some cases, quantitative research may be required to gather further insights for your brand. We find quantitative data can be very useful for building our clients’ brand and business, and serves to elevate or support any emotional insights discovered when analysing the qualitative data.

We work with a vast range of clients – from medium to large organisations to government agencies and national companies.

The Brand Pool can deliver:

  • Focus groups
  • Interviews
  • Qualitative research
  • Quantitative research
  • Analytics and interpretation of digital data
  • Customer research
  • Customer surveys
  • Brand research
  • Market analysis
  • Marketing segmentation
  • Consumer research

We help brands outpace their competitors by transforming customer experience. We deliver strategic thinking, creative ideas and superior execution.


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