Government & Behaviour Change Marketing

The Brand Pool has deep expertise in Government and Behaviour Change Marketing with experience across almost all categories of Government.


Government and behaviour change marketing requires a specialist understanding and approach to work. It’s flawed to believe that socially motivated campaigns will be successful by simply providing the right information. It’s also flawed to believe that social media marketing campaigns can simply be based on standard, commercially derived marketing principles.


People are creatures of habit and comfort, so behaviour change is often a tough sell and consumers are overwhelmed, time poor and have attention deficit. We mine for insights to understand the problem and the barriers to change before we form a strategic platform to inform our creative ideas.

Whether we’re informing the community of mandatory regulations or wanting to facilitate voluntary behaviour change, we look to engage our audience on their terms, because if individuals choose not to act, social change will not happen.

With more than 25 years experience in Government campaigns, we understand the rigour required for campaign planning, preparing, managing and reporting. We work closely with Government Agencies to provide all the information needed for their reporting and approval submissions, being careful to build in sufficient time for stakeholder engagement and ministerial approvals.

Hunter Water - Love Water


NSW Govt Positive + Productive Workplaces - Campaign


Wood Smoke - Campaign


The Brand Pool can deliver:

We help clients reach their goals using insights to remove barriers to behaviour change. We deliver strategic logic to inform our creative magic. Talk to us today.