2023: A Year of Transformative Achievements

This year has been truly exciting as we embarked on a journey of rebranding and repositioning ourselves. We had the privilege of working with fantastic clients on a range of rewarding briefs, collaborating with exceptional production partners, and showcasing our core capabilities.

Maitland City Council: Bulky Waste

Our year began with a public education brief from Maitland City Council, to help launch their new Bulky Waste service. We successfully delivered a campaign that informed and inspired change in behaviours.

To deliver this, we chose the medium of animation because it enables us to cost-effectively convey complex information in engaging, easy-to-understand chunks. We collaborated with the talented team at Jumbla Animation Studio to bring our campaign vision to life.

In addition, the campaign successfully educated the community about the new waste scheme, resulting in a significant reduction in customer service inquiries related to the change in the service. This not only showcased our ability to create effective public education campaigns but also demonstrated the tangible impact of our work.

NSW DPI: Keep It Clean

We love working on solutions that drive meaningful impact, so we were thrilled when NSW DPI came to us with a brief to tackle Fishing-related litter as part of their Fish For Life platform (a project we helped to deliver in 2021). The problem poses a significant environmental threat so our campaign aimed to appeal to recreational anglers by targeting the pride they have for their fishing spots and their desire to preserve them for future generations.

Our experience in public education and behaviour change campaigns told us that simple, clear messaging, broken into actionable steps would work best to inspire positive changes in angler behaviour and tap into the mindset of keeping fishing spots and the environment pristine. We delivered a set of six key messages in digestible social video content aimed at shifting behaviours and prompting the adoption of fishing practices that reduce marine debris and litter.

Our creative director Benny is an avid angler, so this brief was a clear 2023 highlight for him.

“I love working on briefs where I can mesh my expertise as a creative with my personal experiences and passions outside of work. Knowing that the campaign will have a meaningful impact on the environment and a positive effect on recreational fishers’ behaviours is extremely rewarding.”

City of Newcastle: Imagine Newcastle

It’s always a pleasure to look back at the work we completed in 2023, especially when our work receives accolades and has a significant impact close to home. That’s exactly what happened with our digital economic prospectus work ‘Imagine Newcastle’ which received a Good Design award and a nomination for the City of Newcastle for the NSW Economic Development Awards.

A digital prospectus empowers individuals to make informed decisions about relocating, expanding businesses, studying, or investing in your area. Think of it as an ideal way to attract and retain economically vital individuals.

As part of this ongoing project, we launched an additional study campaign that aims to attract students with future skills that will drive Newcastle’s economic success.

Coal LSL: It’s your time to shine

EVP development has become a staple in our wheelhouse. For Commonwealth Government Agency and Newcastle locals, Coal LSL,  we developed an EVP that clearly communicates the organisation’s purpose and transforms the brand perception from being solely associated with the mining industry to fostering a more humanistic, inclusive, and supportive workplace culture with a focus on the Long Service Leave (LSL) scheme they manage.

On the subject of EVPs, Managing Director and Strategist Lynn recalls her highlight of 2023:

“Driven by insights, we’re always searching for that brilliant idea that guides our creative endeavours. Amid the numerous highlights of 2023, one standout moment occurred during a workplace culture focus group with employees from an undisclosed Commonwealth Government Agency.

While we typically seek overarching ‘themes’ within these discussions, one individual beautifully encapsulated their organisation’s culture with exceptional precision, clarity, and profound insight.

This moment served as a revelation, igniting the path to unlock our strategic and creative concept. In an industry as fiercely competitive as this one, our goal was to craft an idea that stood out by being distinctive, emotionally resonant, and considered.

I truly believe we’ve hit upon an exceptional concept for this client, and we’re excited to unveil it in the upcoming year. It marks a genuine moment of truth for us – an idea born from a heartfelt understanding of our client’s culture and needs.”

As we wrap up 2023, we eagerly anticipate unveiling our exciting EVP project in early 2024. 

We’re here to collaborate on your upcoming campaigns, branding, or strategy needs for the year ahead. Wishing you a joyful festive season and looking forward to crafting exceptional work with you in the upcoming year.

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