We used our branding process on ourselves, and this is what happened...

Hello from The Brand Pool team. We’re excited about launching our new positioning and brand refresh and thought this would be a great opportunity to talk about how we used our branding process on ourselves.

As with all projects, we started with research and understanding. We questioned where we sat in the highly competitive agency landscape and unpacked the aspects of our expertise that our clients valued most. In this discovery phase, we uncovered what it was that made us unique.

Like all the best work, the process was driven by guiding insights:

  1. We’re valued for our behaviour change expertise and branding experience.
  2. We provide creative and strategic solutions that drive meaningful impacts.
  3. We are a small but mighty team with access to a pool of excellent production partners.

These insights led to our new positioning:

The Brand Pool is a creative agency that specialises in branding and behaviour change.

With a clear positioning locked in place, we turned our focus to articulating our unique approach as an agency:

  • We take an insight-based approach to solving problems and developing compelling narratives.
  • We employ behaviour change models to inform our strategic and creative thinking.
  • Our highly capable team are bolstered by a network of premier production partners to deliver exceptional results.

The next step was to use our positioning and offering to define a set of principles that would guide our brand’s identity, tone and personality. When we distilled what makes us unique and what drives us, we uncovered five guiding principles:

  • Curiosity: We’re endlessly curious, always seeking fresh perspectives, ideas, and insights.
  • Cleverness: Our innovative and resourceful approach crafts thought-provoking solutions.
  • Pioneering: Embracing innovation, we pioneer novel approaches to deliver authentic work.
  • Transformation: Our solutions ignite lasting, impactful change.
  • Unity: Our mission unites us to create purposeful, inspiring work.

In our branding process, we use guiding principles to strategically inform our decision-making. In choosing our new brand font, for example, we sought characteristics of curiosity, pioneering spirit, and contemporary style. This hands-on process affirmed our conviction that an insight-led strategy yields authenticity and deeply meaningful outcomes.

As part of our brand rollout, we designed and built a new website. We used our strategy and principles to inform the user journey, communication style and overall design. This has culminated in a digital experience that communicates our expertise in strategy, branding, behaviour change and campaigns with a special focus on government work at local, state and federal levels.

To experience our brand evolution, dive into our new website and let us know your thoughts.

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