Captivate your audience with animation

Greetings from The Brand Pool team. Join us as we dive into the captivating world of animation, exploring the reasons it has become a crucial tool for brands to entertain, educate, and inspire their audiences.

Making Complexity Simple

In the complex world of branding, animation plays a vital role in simplifying intricate concepts and technical jargon. It’s a beacon of clarity for brands in specialised industries looking to reach a broader audience.

Take Subsidence NSW, for example, with their beloved animated character, Maurie the Mole. For over 30 years, Maurie has been the face of a behavior change campaign that uses animation to explain the complexities of mine subsidence dangers. We developed a CGI version of Maurie and used animation to demonstrate a mine collapse in an easy-to-understand way, making the danger clear and compelling.

Versatile Creativity

Animation knows no bounds when it comes to creativity. Unlike live-action videos, animations give you the freedom to create scenarios, settings, and visuals that fit your story. While animations are often used for explainer videos and product demonstrations, their potential goes far beyond that.

In our work for the NSW Public Service Commission, we used vibrant and thought-provoking illustrations to showcase workplace situations, fostering positive and respectful environments in the NSW public sector.

Budget-Friendly Solutions

In a time where budget considerations are crucial, animations stand out as cost-effective solutions. They eliminate the need for location shoots and require fewer resources and equipment. This financial efficiency allows brands of all sizes to use animation effectively.

A Valuable Learning Resource

Beyond entertainment, animations serve as invaluable tools for learning. They simplify complex information into visual formats, making it easier to understand. The medium also offers control over pacing, tone, and style, enhancing engagement and information retention.

Project Firestorm, a major education platform that we worked on for NSW RFS is a great example, of using animation to educate tech-savvy children. Our research indicated an immersive, animated experience would resonate best and we used a familiar video-game aesthetic to drive engagement further.

Engaging Audiences with Creativity

Animations, with their unique visual language, are incredibly effective at capturing the audience’s attention and keeping it throughout the viewing experience. This, combined with compelling stories and captivating audio, not only boosts brand awareness and trust but also drives meaningful action.

We created a suite of simple, looping animations for The City of Newcastle to empower local residents to use their online self-service centre, giving them a sense of autonomy and engagement. The quirky and playful animations provided a creative way to deliver a straightforward message.

Consistency Across Platforms

Animated videos can easily transition into static formats, ensuring brand consistency in static social media, in print materials, and on websites. This consistency strengthens brand identity and recognition.

Partnering for Success

At The Brand Pool, we collaborate with animation experts like Jumbla to bring animated characters, videos, and stories to life.

If you’re interested in how animation can elevate your brand, product, or project, please get in touch with us at hello@thebrandpool.com.au

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