The top 10 things we've learned in 10 years

1. Learning to be digital-first

We have embraced the digital revolution that reshaped marketing over the last decade. We’ve built our expertise in digital advertising and social media engagement, learning the importance of agility and innovation. Our journey has expanded our capabilities and enhanced our ability to craft content and campaigns that resonate with audiences. We continue to thrive in this new landscape, ensuring our strategies are as dynamic as the ever-evolving digital world.

2. Valuing Insight-Led Storytelling

In the last 10 years, we’ve recognised the significance of content, learning how powerful insight-led storytelling can be in forging stronger connections with audiences. Our process has taught us to value the content we create and the insights and narratives behind it. By looking at things through the lens of wisdom and authenticity, we continue to adapt and thrive in the evolving marketing landscape.

3. Understanding the importance of 'why.'

We’ve learned that brands must articulate their ‘why’ to stand out. It’s taught us the importance of developing a brand framework and narrative that are genuine and purposeful, facilitating stronger, more meaningful connections with audiences. By prioritising authenticity and shared values, we’ve helped brands tell their story in a way that genuinely reflects who they are and what they mean to their audiences.

For the City of Newcastle, this meant developing a tourism brand that positioned them as an exciting, offbeat destination.

seek off beat campaign design

4. Championing Positive Change

Over the past decade, our experience has highlighted the effectiveness of campaigns to change behaviours to drive positive transformations. We’ve come to understand the power of focusing on essential issues such as disaster preparedness, health, and public education. These campaigns promote awareness and encourage people to take meaningful action. We’re proud to have significantly impacted Australian society by aligning our efforts with these critical areas.

We’ve helped essential agencies like the NSW RFS to drive significant change, including introducing a new Fire Danger Rating for all of Australia.

5. Thriving remotely

The unexpected shift to remote work during the pandemic presented challenges. For our team at The Brand Pool, it became an opportunity to redefine collaboration and productivity. We discovered our remarkable adaptability and nimbleness, transitioning seamlessly to a fully remote setup. Embracing collaborative systems and software like Slack and Miro enhanced our processes, facilitating a new level of creativity and efficiency. Our journey through remote working has improved our operational dynamics and underscored our team’s resilience and innovative spirit, proving that we can thrive under any circumstances.

6. Embracing storytelling through video

Over the last 10 years, video has become the primary medium for content, a trend we’ve embraced at The Brand Pool. Platforms like YouTube, Instagram, and TikTok have revolutionised content consumption, making video an indispensable tool for storytelling. By integrating high-quality video content into our branding strategies, we’ve unlocked new levels of creativity and connection with our audience, highlighting the transformative power of video in the digital age.

We’ve used video and animation to help many clients tell their stories; for example, we took a cinematic approach to delivering NSW DPI’s Fish for Life campaign.

7. Advocating for truth

In an era of rampant misinformation, The Brand Pool recognises the critical role of brands and government agencies in championing public education. Our approach utilises evidence-based behaviour change models to drive positive societal impacts, empowering individuals with the knowledge to make informed decisions. This commitment to public education goes hand in hand with our dedication to transparency and accountability, ensuring that every piece of information we share helps build a more informed, empowered, and responsible society.

8. Purpose-driven EVPs

We’ve witnessed the transformative impact of Employee Value Propositions (EVPs) and Employer Branding on company culture. Our journey has taught us the value of leveraging EVPs to attract and retain purpose-driven talent, ensuring alignment with company values. Through effective workshopping, we’ve honed our ability to unearth deep insights, reinforcing our belief in the power of a strategic approach to EVPs and employer branding. This methodology not only cultivates a strong, cohesive culture but also underpins the positioning and differentiation of the organisations we work with.

9. Engaging interactive experiences

The Brand Pool has embraced the cutting-edge realm of interactive and immersive experiences, recognising their potential to revolutionise consumer engagement. By integrating technologies like augmented reality (AR), virtual reality (VR), and interactive web experiences, we’ve unlocked new dimensions of storytelling. This innovative approach allows us to bring brand narratives to life in ways that captivate and immerse audiences like never before. Our exploration of these technologies has deepened consumer engagement and set new standards for how brands interact with their audiences, making every encounter an opportunity for memorable and impactful connections.

We created a VR experience for the RFS where audiences can experience a bush fire to learn how to make a successful fire plan.

10. The enduring power of print

Despite the digital revolution, we’ve seen the importance of print as a medium to cut through the noise with intentional, beautiful design. More so, we’ve embraced the advancements in printing technology, allowing us to bring vibrant digital creations to life in a physical form. Projects such as the ‘Seek Off Beat Visitor Guide’ and the Reflections ‘All Parks brochure’ exemplify how print can complement digital, providing tangible experiences that encourage engagement with the physical world. This approach not only bridges the gap between digital and analogue but also reinvigorates the charm of print, making it a compelling part of our storytelling arsenal.
seek off beat Newcastle visitor guide
Over the past decade, The Brand Pool has evolved into a creative agency with a strong understanding of its clients’ needs within a constantly changing and evolving landscape. Lessons on a brand’s ‘why’, purpose-driven campaigns and immersive experiences have shaped our approach and helped us connect the drive to meaningful impact. As we move forward, these insights will guide us in navigating an ever-changing marketing landscape, ensuring our work remains relevant and authentic to our core values of curiosity, cleverness, pioneering, transformation and unity.

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