Strategic rebrand for Adssi

Mergers and acquisitions. An exciting time for growth into new markets, but also a time of complex change.

Sometimes a brand fusion or complete rebrand is required. Most of the time, the organisation needs to create clarity and differentiation, manage stakeholders and of course, protect their brand equity.

This was the case for Adssi HomeLiving Australia.


Adssi Limited


Research, stakeholder interviews, brand workshop, brand strategy,  brand positioning, tone of voice, value proposition, tagline, brand architecture, logo design, brand identity, branded collateral design, brochure design and social media.


The challenge

Adssi HomeLiving Australia was well known in the market but their name, positioning, tagline and identity did not clearly reflect who they were and what they did, and the consumer brand wasn't clearly differentiated from their corporate brand. To add to this challenge, they also needed to welcome another brand into the Adssi family following a recent merger.

The brand architecture and naming conventions required strategic review to support recent business changes in order to prepare for future growth and expansion. The aged care market is highly competitive and lacks differentiation, so Adssi needed to be positioned authentically to stand out in a 'sea of sameness'.

The brand needed to be unique and recognisable: A contemporary, relevant and meaningful brand which resonates with staff, decision influencers and of course their clients. Above all, the brand needed to clearly articulate who they are, what they do, and importantly – why it matters to anyone.

Our approach

We engaged with stakeholders from day one and aligned with the business strategy and objectives. Starting with a brand review and strategic workshop, we worked collaboratively with key stakeholders to unpack brand truths, uncovering what makes their organisation different and what drives them. We used insights gained from additional stakeholder interviews, surveys and market research together with our knowledge and experience of brand and strategy to guide our ideas and creativity. We reviewed the brand architecture and naming conventions, before developing logos and identities to clearly differentiate the corporate entity, now called Adssi Limited and a rebrand for the consumer-facing brand, now called Adssi In-Home Support.

Adssi Rebrand Banners and Social
Adssi car and tote bag graphics
Adssi websites


The result was a new and differentiated brand position and two brand identities that each feel distinctive and authentic, whilst remaining subtly visually connected to the Adssi family.

Adssi tagline graphics

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