How collaboration informed an annual report design for Soil CRC

For Soil CRC, the vision is to provide Australian farmers with best practice soil management to underpin a dynamic, sustainable and profitable agricultural sector. The annual report must demonstrate their commitment to soil research – in its many forms – from partnerships to research collaboration, across their culture and community.


Soil CRC


Creative concept, graphic design, video production.



Soil CRC - 2020 Annual Report


Proving that annual reports don’t have to be painfully dull, our strategy was to showcase the many achievements of the Soil CRC in a visually engaging, clear and rather beautiful way. This year’s theme was “collaboration” which we amplified through the choice of photography within the flexible grid system. 

We helped Soil CRC to evaluate its content and produced a government-compliant report that remains streamlined in size and scope.

We also transformed highlights of the report to an interactive format, with video content to showcase how the Soil CRC focused on collaboration in 2020. It’s a change that has delivered a more dynamic and engaging report, as well as a wider audience.

Soil CRC - 2020 Annual Report
Soil CRC - 2020 Annual Report


years' funding

$39.5 million

Australian Government investment

$127 million

cash and in-kind industry support


state government agencies

Soil CRC - 2020 Annual Report
Soil CRC - 2020 Annual Report


The new, approachable design was well received by Soil CRC’s stakeholders, as well as the video, which was showcased at the annual general meeting.

Soil CRC - 2020 Annual Report
Soil CRC - 2020 Annual Report

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