Transforming a global certification business into a modern and connected brand

QMS Certification Services is a global certification body with clients in several industries, making them one of the leaders in certification and training for businesses across Australasia.

Increased competition in the number of certification businesses offering similar services, as well as the need to better communicate their approach, saw QMS looking to overhaul their online business model with a goal of attracting new customers breaking into new markets.


QMS Certification Services


UX, UI Design, branding, website development



By undertaking research into the needs of customers, we mapped pivotal moments in the customer journey. This gave us a deep understanding of the needs of customers. The site employs a range of key UX/design focussed elements aimed at aiding search and usability. Whatever page a user lands on, they are welcomed with consistent and clear messaging and a streamlined user experience to easily filter down their options. Mobile friendly pages mean users are able to drill down on the certification and training courses with ease, providing a clear path to enquiry.



A critical outcome resulted in improved communication of the differentiated approach as centre of certification – for an audience who was faced with many businesses offering a very similar product. The overhauled digital experience is expected to make a huge improvement to the business across customer experience and sales outcomes.

Technically sophisticated, the website includes a training course booking engine and leverages Salesforce Marketing Cloud to seamlessly deliver customers to the sales team. We used IP location detection to personalise contact information based on the users region, then captured it in a central database.


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