Powering an audience with storytelling

To shift perception about Lake Macquarie City we used content marketing to build a narrative around what makes Lake Mac unique, desirable and the perfect place for business, life and leisure.


Lake Macquarie Council


Strategy, content marketing, video production.



To increase Lake Mac’s brand awareness amongst residents – and continue to position our Council as an important part of their everyday lives, we started by telling stories of local people and how they contribute to the growth, culture and vibrancy of Lake Mac.

We created an editorial calendar including long form stories, videos and galleries for each topic area, to promote Lake Mac’s key messages and address the most pressing misconceptions. We encouraged locals to share their stories to create an ongoing conversation about what makes Lake Mac unique.

We connected residents across Sydney with Lake Mac through a media partnership with Sydney Morning Herald. Telling the story of how Sydneysiders are flocking to Lake Mac for a better life, we shared stories of successful people who had already made the move.


Stories published on Council’s website attract a significant audience. The branded content generated an audience of over 12,000 people and a click through rate of over 6% to Council’s website.

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