A digital marketing campaign for Get Healthy at Work

Get Healthy at Work is a free NSW Government workplace health service that aims to help improve the health of working adults by giving workplaces tools and support to address healthy eating, healthy weight, physical activity and active travel to work, like walking and cycling.

Preventable health risks are widespread with physical inactivity and stress identified as key priorities for employees and employers alike with absenteeism costing the average SME $26,536 every year, so, we thought there should be plenty of scope for program growth.

Our digital and social media marketing campaign provides an incentive to sign up before the new year to help get a jump on your workplace health goals for the new year.


SafeWork NSW – NSW Government


Research, digital strategy, creative campaign concept, graphic design, social media marketing, DM, email marketing, SEM, SEO, Media.



Unhealthy eating and lack of exercise, particularly at work, are ingrained habits where we need to address the barriers to change. Habits make up a huge proportion of our daily lives and once formed, they become such second nature that breaking or changing them can be near impossible.Based on behaviour research strategies, we need to create a stable, supportive environment for the new habit, make the new behaviour as easy as possible to do, and enable people to create unique cues and reward success in practice. Our campaign has four strategic pillars that feed into our key campaign messages; supportive environment, leverage the context, make it easy and rewards.The fresh, vibrant campaign colours, coupled with healthy cues in images drive the campaign creative. The messaging is focused on a timely kick start for the New Year, along with the dual benefits for employees and employers alike – Good for business, good for you.


Average absenteeism costs to SMEs every year


Uplift in registrations during campaign period


Increase in website traffic during campaign period


Our multi-channel digital marketing campaign makes it easy for businesses to get involved with this health program. Leveraging social media, sponsored content and SEM, with highly targetted ads, we were able to significantly increase signups for information and registrations to participate in the program.