Reinventing a local brand

Davis & Spence is one of The Hunter’s biggest suppliers of electrical, lighting, air conditioning and refrigeration equipment. While electrical businesses have come and gone and supply chains have fragmented, Davis & Spence are proud to maintain a hard-earned reputation for choice, service and value with a heritage going back over 60 years.

We helped Davis & Spence give customers an inside look at ‘why’ they do what they do. We knew that a clearly defined ‘why’ would not only offer customers an authentic story, it would also ensure the business had a purpose-driven organisation internally, building an authentic brand from the inside out.


Davis & Spence


Brand identity, UX, UI Design, website development



Davis & Spence’s outdated website was limiting their ability to tell their story. The site lacked depth and failed to promote the huge range of products on offer. We knew we had to develop a more robust solution, to grow the online audience through a new range of features and design an integrated quoting system in order to drive revenue.

We started by better positioning Davis & Spence through the development of a new logo and brand story to clearly differentiate what sets them apart. Efficiencies were achieved in terms of content management, via the creation global content objects and the product inventory, allowing the content producer to re-use objects across a variety of templates. The site is fully mobile responsive and mobile-friendly product pages mean tradies are able to drill down on product specifications and technical resources anywhere, anytime.



Early analysis of results shows a strong lift in time on site and it is expected that the new website will generate a sales increase well in excess of production costs in less than its first year.


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