Given the constantly-changing world we currently live in, there is no better time to have your communication plans in order.

As we’ve seen in recent days, governments need to move very quickly to develop clear and engaging communication campaigns – then deliver them through the right channels. In these difficult times, it is critically important to satisfy the community’s need for accurate and timely official information.

As we saw throughout the bush fires and then floods, speed and accuracy of information provision is paramount (and even life-saving), however, the ability of all levels of government to move quickly is often hampered by lengthy approval processes.

Recently, the federal government received criticism regarding the lack of public information provided about the coronavirus and COVID-19 situation, following the launch of a campaign a long time after the virus took a foothold.

Federal Government COVID-19 TVC

Of course, producing well crafted, creative campaigns at very short notice isn’t always practical or feasible, but independent ad agencies tend to be more adept at rising to the challenge. This is because we are able to be flexible and nimble, whilst having highly efficient structures and working cultures based on fewer organisational layers.

Key to successfully launching a large-scale government communication campaign quickly is developing clear key messages that are prioritised and pre-approved, prior to meeting with your creative partner.

This allows your creative agency to focus on what it does well, developing engaging creative based on a community insight to drive the development and implementation of impactful ideas.

In terms of messages and media mix, there is much to learn from the recent activity of brands in China. The COVID-19 pandemic led to significant shifts in consumer behaviour, media consumption and the use of social media platforms.

Research just published by Gartner reveals a key learning in China, that time spent online shot up 20% as people confined themselves to their homes – and social networking continued to be people’s favourite activity. Watching short videos (up 14%) and reading news and other information (up 14%) also increased significantly.

The same report outlines how brands have generated messages of solidarity and hope. Some provided practical contributions to the fight against the virus and promoted their efforts via social media. These communications played a vital role in calming people’s anxiety and feelings of isolation and reassuring people that positive attitudes and actions are making a difference.

Whether we’re informing the community of mandatory regulations, or encouraging voluntary behaviour change, The Brand Pool’s expertise in government and Behaviour Change Marketing demonstrates the importance of having a partner who understands the rigour and skills you require for planning, preparing, managing and reporting. This expertise extends across almost all categories of government, and includes disaster preparedness and response.

We also work closely with our government clients to provide all the complex information required for approval submissions, stakeholder engagement and ministerial approvals.

See our latest work Project Firestorm for NSW Rural Fire Service, which helps kids build their knowledge in bush fire resilience and survival plans.

Project Firestorm – NSW Rural Fire Service

Sourced from WARC.