Like a good Netflix series, we love great stories. We’re sucked right in and inherently share them on.

Brands are no different. We feel connected to brands with good stories to tell. A brand’s narrative can elevate a company and set them apart from their competitors. However, there is more to a brand story than standing out and getting noticed.

Your story should frame your brand and dictate your value – thinking beyond advertising your products or services and looking toward creating meaningful connections with your customers.

The way brands tell their story has changed dramatically over the years. The business world is finally starting to realise the value of social channels for their brands and products, and what it can do for EVERY organisation.

When we talk to businesses, social is now part of every conversation. It’s where our target audience, our customers live after all. If you want awareness, growth, relevance, talk-ability – fish where the fish are.

We work with brands at varying stages in their lifecycle; from start-ups shaping their culture from the ground up, to government clients who are realigning their brand positioning with their marketing communications efforts both internally and externally.

Sole operator, major corporation or local council– it doesn’t matter, each has a unique story to tell, and this is what we work with our clients to uncover.

Your story may begin with a customer seeing your logo or hearing your name for the first time, and continue via your website and your presence on social media. But these channels don’t just send signals about who you are and what you do – it’s an opportunity to share why you do it and what you stand for.

By looking at what makes your company unique, your reason for being and your purpose, we can unlock those values and emotional cues, which will connect your brand with your ideal target audience. Ultimately, it’s about creating something that people care about and buy into.

When I first entered the world of Facebook years ago, it was little more than another way to connect with friends and share photos online. But now, these platforms are very much ‘the way in’ for all brands – a direct, targeted line to your customer and an opportunity to create authentic, real connections with a frequency that traditional advertising couldn’t achieve.

And with the advantages of analytics and data tracking, we now know more about our customers and how they engage with brands than ever before.

Where we used to create expensive TVCs to achieve mass reach, we can now directly access an extensive network of users by creating diverse and tailored content, to positively frame your brand’s public image in real time, with calculated risk and significantly more control. Social platforms now drive mass awareness campaigns for brands and social video is helping amplify their narrative.

With this in mind, the way we approach branding has had to evolve alongside this changing social landscape. Attention spans are now shorter, channels are increasingly noisy – so defining your brand and being heard in such a competitive environment is a constant challenge.

But in this noise, what does ring true is authenticity. The best brand stories are founded on truth and tap into people’s emotions because they genuinely connect to what the company stands for. The brands that can paint these engaging stories and craft an authentic connection are the brands we will stay in love with for years to come.

Your brand story should communicate your essence, and in turn, your brand identity should also reflect this. How you look, what you say and the way you interact on and offline are all part of shaping your brand’s story and engaging with your customer.

This power of storytelling is relevant to all channels, including social. And the brands that do it well, win: Sharing real stories and moments that engage and connect with their customers to build trust, advocacy, and loyalty to their brand.

The notion that social media is a fleeting trend is ridiculous. It’s now the way we communicate and absolutely must be part of your brand DNA. The important thing is to make sure your channels serve a unique purpose and don’t act as a gimmick.

Being social and sharing stories is fundamental to being human, so we must use whatever channels we have to talk to and connect with each other more – whether that be a message in a bottle or a 10-second story on Facebook.

We help brands outpace their competitors by transforming customer experience. We deliver strategic thinking, creative ideas and superior execution.

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