TikTok is the hot new social network and the latest Roy Morgan data shows over 1.6 million Australians (with a noticeable skew toward young women) are already visiting the TikTok website.

The one-year old platform, which allows users to make short, looping videos with special effects and musical overlays, is booming in popularity with more than 500 million monthly active users, most of them young adults. Available in over 150 countries, TikTok has over 1 billion users, globally. 


Australians visiting TikTok website or using TikTok app by Gender & Generation* – Dec. 2019

While Gen-Z is using the platform to show their creative side, brands are also beginning to experiment. With TikTok being such a young app, many marketers may be wondering, “Is this app even worth it for my brand?”. TikTok is quirky by nature, so brands need to be creative to truly engage their audience.



TikTok’s current big brands are using the platform for brand awareness rather than generating traffic or leads. In doing so, they are effectively engaging younger audiences by showing off a lighter more relatable side of themselves using funny videos, trending challenges, and other strategies that are unique to the platform.

“TikTok is about real life. Real people.”

“Part of the reason TikTok has taken off is that things move in trends,” says TikTok Director of Marketing, Stefan Heinrich. “People have been in a perfect, manufactured world for a while, where they have to live up to expectations and ideals. Now it’s about real life. Real people. It’s getting a window into someone else’s life, with surprise and delight. And because it’s content-driven, not connection-driven, you see people you wouldn’t normally see, outside of your traditional circle.”

“Gen Z and not just passive consumers anymore. They want to see things in an authentic way, and leaning into that by reacting immediately,”

Get inspired by the brands who’ve already thought outside the box and succeeded on the app.

Chipotle experimented with a paid marketing campaign, working with influencer David Dobrik on the #ChipotleLidFlip challenge—asking users to flip a Chipotle container and land it just right—that got more than 100,000 submissions and 230 million views.

The Washington Post uses the platform to showcase the action inside the newsroom and build trust with TikTok’s young viewers.


three images from tiktok: one is a man perched on a desk as an elf, another is an empty newsroom, and the third is a man with sunglasses on
After building up its user, base, The Washington Post recently used its TikTok account to drive new subscribers.

Sephora is uses TikTok to show off beauty products and brands they sell, while also including the odd ASMR video within their feed leveraging another viral social media trend.


If TikTok feels like a bit of a mystery and you’d like your brand to connect with the consumers of tomorrow, talk to us today.

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