A predictable consumer journey is now increasingly fragmented. The digital revolution, particularly the mobile boom, have changed the way we shop.

People have more knowledge and therefore power, so brands are facing more challenges. This trend has created a term. A theory that has always been important, but today is one of the most powerful competitive edges; customer experience (CX).

Companies like Netflix, Spotify and Apple have mastered data management to personalise communication. More advanced data management systems enable customer mapping in great detail, so organisations can treat their customers in a more individual way.

Spotify launched Daily Mix, a series of playlists refreshed every day that offers you a selection of your favourite music.

Beyond traditional marketing and advertising, navigating through the digital universe is a prerequisite for professionals connected to CX, however knowing the details of the tech isn’t essential (but desirable).

So, here’s some snackable tips for 2019 on becoming customer-obsessed (without too much tech lingo);

  1. Marketers can be CX champions; Marketers are best placed to drive a company to focus on customers by bringing the concept to life through branding and communications. Gain valuable insights through customer surveys and drive customer obsession through the company and get support at the executive level.
  2. Map the journey; Look at your customer’s digital experience and use digital technologies and customer personas to humanize the audience, even name them, to better understand their needs. Review behavioural data to ensure customers aren’t getting stuck somewhere on the journey and create customised experiences for different audience segments.
  3. Live the customer experience; Study the customer’s day-to-day challenges so you can come to the rescue. Use your ideas to develop solutions for products, processes, policies and people, all targeted on improving the customer’s life. And let your brand shine through on why you do what you do so your customers can feel good about your brand.
  4. Work together; many brands are used to creating one-way messages, however, customer-obsessed companies collaborate and partner with their customers. Open up your feedback channels using social media, customers surveys, focus groups or interviews to really understand what they want and need.
  5. Keep moving, keep changing; listen, listen, listen and learn what customers like and don’t like about the experience and see what pain points exist. Find out what makes sense for your customers to make a more personalised experience, so the message will be more likely to be heard.

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