Water – certainly a hot topic right now. To help raise awareness of the importance of our most precious resource, we conceived the Love Water idea for Hunter Water almost 12 months ago and it’s certainly been adopted whole heartedly.

Because we want people to become more aware of their ‘relationship’ with water, we need to remind our audience to respect water and treat it well, just like love.

This emotional construct within the Love Water brand has real potential of being able to develop an emotional attachment to our precious resource over a long time, to influence social change, rather than just short-term education.

Just as real love endures through good and rough times, our most precious resource is certainly experiencing some rough times in most areas of the state.

Sydney’s dam capacity is currently sitting at around 59.9%. This has triggered switching on the Desalination Plant for the first time since it was built seven years ago. Tipped to supply up to 15% of Sydney’s water, the plant will be a backup source of drinking water if things get too rough.

Rewarding to see, our Love Water idea has been adopted by Sydney Water to remind Sydney-siders of the importance of our most precious resource.

Got to love our water.