The hot topic that most brands grapple with every day – how do we improve our customer experience? Every business from the ground up is constantly looking to improving their CX. If they’re not, they should be? The customer is King, although there’s never been a more poignant time where actually the customer is always right.

The pendulum has massively swung in the favour of the customer in recent times. In the past brands haven’t always put the customer first and some have suffered. A ‘build and they will come’ mentality. Kodak was a brand that failed to listen and adapt to the changing market and ultimately failed to innovate to evolve and improve and stay ahead of the curve.

Today, a brand is the holistic sum total of its collective parts. It’s also built from a customer’s experience with your brand. Those parts need to work harmoniously together for the customer to truly connect with and believe in. CX is about ensuring your brand story and promise are reinforced at every touchpoint (on and off-line). Like a well-oiled engine, you only get high performance when all cylinders are firing. So how do you build a solid brand for your customers? One that understands the customers’ needs and wants. One that provides that ‘reason to believe’?

The heart of a brand starts with a well-formed strategy that is built on solid truths that are honest, authentic and believable. Building a narrative that flows through to every interaction a customer has with you. Gone are the days you simply meet with marketing and agency teams as you whittle down the ideas into something you hope is great. Hope is a long forgotten yesteryear. Today it’s all about data, giving us insight into the, what, when and how our customers interact with our brand. This coupled with solid user-research, brand workshops, customer profiling, personas, methodologies and tools designed to unearth the insights that can really power your brand forward. By doing this, you’re able to identify key pain points and drop off points and your business can truly understand the full customer journey. From there it’s about optimising those moments and going the extra mile to ensure that every touch point exceeds expectations, surprises and delights.

With technology ubiquitous, consumer choice is only a tap or a click away to find a rival brand, so it’s paramount that brands also invest in their user experience. Your online UX is a vital part of the overall CX mix. If your digital platforms aren’t giving your customers what they need, when they need it you’re at a major disadvantage. More and more people interact with your brand online so your presence must embody and be synonymous with your brand. Constantly evolving, learning and adapting to the changes in your customers’ behaviours, brands need to learn to be more agile and open to change to really thrive in today’s market.

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