International recruitment campaign for Pacific Smiles

Pacific Smiles owns and operates over 70 dental centres throughout ACT, NSW, Victoria and Queensland.

They recently exhibited at the British Dental Conference and Dentistry Show in Birmingham which is attended by 10,000 dentists. We were tasked with developing a recruitment campaign to target UK dentists for sponsorship with Pacific Smiles.


Pacific Smiles Group


Creative concept, graphic design, customer acquisition strategy, website, social media, print, event, production, social media, marketing materials



We knew we needed to put a real focus on engagement at the exhibition with an emphasis on an enriched and memorable experience, together with a direct connection between the brand and the dentists visiting the booth.

We set out to create a fun and effective way of engaging delegates before, during and after the event to ensure we made the most of the opportunity to entice UK dentists to Oz.




Interested candidates


Dental locations in Australia


Prime candidates


There’s not much to really smile about in the UK, especially in May. The weather? Not great. Brexit? A right old mess. It seems everyone is complaining about something. And Australia? The weather and lifestyle – beyond incredible! We wanted to transport people from the ‘grey old UK to an enticing ‘Aussie Summer’s Day’.


Working with our production partners in the UK, the conference booth was transformed into a beachside dental practice. Staff greeted dentists with refreshing beverages and quintessentially Australian Tim Tams and received a branded beach bag, towel and then invited to sit back and relax with our custom-designed broadsheet, showcasing the opportunity awaiting them in Australia complete with compelling editorial and beautiful photography. The campaign was supported with a custom campaign landing page, targeted social media advertising and follow up marketing to candidates after the event. Smiles all round!

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