Brand Refresh for Local Land Services

Local Land Services is a regionally based NSW Government agency that delivers quality, customer-focused services to farmers, landholders and the community.

Having recently developed a new brand proposition, we were engaged to help Local Land Services launch the initiative to staff as part of a state-wide rollout. The Brand Pool was tasked with creating something fresh to help energise their workforce in line with their existing brand identity.


Local Land Services – NSW Government


Brand review, audit, stakeholder engagement, brand identity, video, branded collateral design for online and offline and channel planning.


The challenge

A brand review can help identify any inconsistencies in marketing assets and provide recommendations for impactful improvements, particularly for organisations with a flat structure and diverse needs and settings. The goal for this project was to retain existing brand equity but strengthen the overall look and feel in a way which feels authentic and true to the brand.

Our approach

Our process started with a review and audit of existing brand usage, guidelines, strategy, marketing collateral and other branded assets. We explored ways to refine the existing palette, use of graphic devices and introduced a secondary typeface to the brand toolkit to create a more robust brand system. By using existing brand elements in a new way, we were able to develop a more robust brand framework and design a series templates flexible for use across each region.

Local Lands Brand Refresh Collateral
Local Lands Branded Posters


Our refreshing interpretation of the Local Land Services brand not only brought some consistency, flexibility and strength to the branded collateral, but has also inspired and re-energized the workforce to adopt the branding whole-heartedly state-wide.

Local Lands Photo of Countryside