A communications strategy for flexible working

A campaign for the whole of government sector in NSW was needed to increase awareness and understanding of flexible working principles and practices for Australia’s biggest employer.


The NSW Government is committed to making all roles flexible by 2019, however a new way of thinking about flexible working is needed. It is less about complying with a definition and more about rethinking the where, when and how work can be done to support local innovation and problem solving in a way that maintains or improves service delivery for the people of NSW.


NSW Public Service Commission – NSW Government


Research, stakeholder workshops, communications strategy, brand, photography, branded collateral for online and offline and channel planning.



To be successful, flexible working has to create the best outcomes for everyone including the individual, the team, the customer and the people of NSW. We developed an overarching narrative to promote a shared responsibility that places emphasis on both the individual needs and the customer outcomes.Knowing that flexible working means different things to different roles, the approach was to provide a consistent set of key messages that will encourage participation, explain the types of options for working flexibly and demonstrate the benefits and outcomes to individuals, the sector and the customer.


NSW Government - Australia’s biggest workforce


All roles flexible by this date

$24-47m per year

Estimated gross value of enhancing uptake in flexible working

9 to 5

Mindset to challenge

NSW Public Service Commission – Flexible Working - Brand Guidelines


Through widespread consultation with the diverse government workforce, a brand was developed to aid understanding of what flexible working means and places emphasis on the shared responsibility for the outcomes. The campaign material demonstrates how different people in different roles are working flexibly and reflects the huge diversity of roles, age, gender, ethnicity and location of the government sector in NSW. The simple to understand messages are broad to meet the needs of the diverse audience settings and targeted to support specific mindsets. The campaign demonstrates the examples of the types of flexible working, outside of the current perceptions and the benefits for employees, teams and customers.

NSW Public Service Commission – Flexible Working