Digital, Design + Production

We integrate the right platforms and emerging technologies to tell your brand story.


The Brand Pool is a creative design agency for brands of all sizes. We’re a creative agency which integrates creative thinking and a customer focussed approach to tell brand stories in new and meaningful ways. Through technology we influence and engage with today’s digitally connected audiences and we use the right media channels to amplify these brand stories in today’s evolving media landscape.

Customer experience is at the heart of everything we do. Through the use of user-first design principles, we produce beautiful and sophisticated design assets to tell your brand’s story and engage your customers.

As a creative agency we believe that great design is about creating something that is not only well-crafted and visually engaging but also fit for purpose. A well-designed brand ultimately aligns with your marketing strategy and supports your business objectives. We design branded collateral which can dramatically increase brand awareness and brand value, enhance brand perception and improve your customer experience.

Integrated Campaigns
We create insight-led, creative campaigns which transcend across any channel. Whether your goal is to drive sales, build awareness or change perception, we work with clients to develop a clearly defined strategy based on customer insights.

Digital Design & Production
We create digital platforms which enrich customer interactions. We believe in deep collaboration with the brands we partner with in order to deliver exceptional creative solutions which facilitate business growth.

Santa Fest - Campaign


Video & Animation
Video is increasingly an important part of the marketing mix and arguably the best format to communicate your brand story to a wide reaching audience when amplified.

We have extensive experience in video and animation. We work with brands of all sizes including corporations, government agencies and retail to create high impact video content which connects with your audience.

Through the use of customer-first design principles we create, script, plan, film and edit video content across many formats including digital and social advertising, corporate videos, educational films, training videos, event videos and TVCs.

We work with a vast range of clients – from medium to large organisations to government agencies and national companies.

The digital, design and production services we provide include:

We help brands outpace their competitors by transforming customer experience. We deliver strategic thinking, creative ideas and superior execution.


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