Solar Australia - Get Off The Grid

When local solar experts came to us needing help to communicate the next phase in renewable energy we were extremely interested. But when our client mentioned this revolutionary device would allow you to take your power into your own hands, we immediately sat forward!

We soon discovered there is a power revolution heading for our homes predicted to change our worlds – a device that can store the energy you generate free from the sun during the day, to use at night – enter home solar batteries!

The ‘Get off the Grid’ Brand Story So Far ...

Due to the somewhat complex world of renewable energy, the research we conducted confirmed customers wanted to deal with an expert they can trust – one that can advise them on this super new technology.

A pinch of brand positioning was needed to firmly establish Solar Australia as the most knowledgeable and well-respected provider in the Hunter, in fact, they are;

‘Your trusted experts’.

As competition heats up, we turned our attention to quickly making this message as strong and simple as possible.

An average home can generate nearly half its electricity with solar panels. And now, with a solar battery from Solar Australia, you can store enough energy to get off that grid (yes that’s right folks, get-off-the-grid!). You can be free from power bills forever – nirvana!!


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