I want to experience, grow and give back.

Attracting the best and brightest talent to the public sector.

Australia’s biggest employer, the NSW public sector, is a diverse group of agencies and clusters comprising multi-faceted teams, a huge range of skill sets, and 400,000 people.

We had a ‘once-in-a-lifetime’ opportunity to develop an Employee Value Proposition, and its associated branding, to guide the repositioning of the NSW public sector.

Following extensive stakeholder engagement through research and workshops, we developed ‘I Work for NSW’ – a deceptively simple statement with enormous potential and power.

We saw a great opportunity to promote a positive image and clear narrative about life in the public sector, change perception, and communicate the key values of the sector through story telling.

We used statements and quotes written in the first person, and featuring actual public sector workers, to provide a platform for a powerful narrative.

The communication is uniquely branded using a stylised NSW state-shaped graphic device acting as a ‘thought-bubble’, pointing to the EVP ‘I work for NSW’.

‘I Work for NSW’ was soft-launched by Premier Mike Baird at the Premier’s Award for Public Service in November 2015 along with the launch of the ‘I Work For NSW’ website and LinkedIn pages in February 2016


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